• Together with PayPal, Cumbari has developed a commercial DPS-based payment service for a restaurant in Stockholm.
  • Restaurant-goers who have downloaded the DPS-based restaurant app and have an account with PayPal can pay for their meals using their Android phones and iPhones.
  • No changes to technology were required neither by PayPal or at the cash register to developing the service.
“It is very exciting to be among the early adopters of this new technology. I can see direct gains during the lunch rush when our customers are able to pay easily and get their food more quickly. This payment method is much more efficient than credit or debit card payments. Lines are shorter, and our guests get better service because they avoid waiting in line so long.We are going to take the next step and explore how we can integrate more services in the Cumbari-based app to bring our customers added value.” says Philip Hanna, Managing Director at Locanda Café.

“We teamed up with Cumbari for the payment flow portion of the Cumbari solution because we deemed that Cumbari has solid expertise in developing innovative technologies,” says Mårten Barkman, President of PayPal Scandinavia.