Cumbari is a Swedish system technology company.

We design and develop technologies that connects Internet to the physical world.

We offer a proximity technology that makes any mobile phone, any on-line service and any IP based device to communicate in physical establishments.

The technology is called Cumbari DPS Technology - Device Proximity Service
It´s a middleware that connects mobile phones in proximity mode to any IP-enabled physical touchpoint.


Kent Bogestam CEO
Andreas Jönsson - Chairman of Board
Arnulf von Zedtwitz-Liebenstein - Sales Manager
Harald Hynell - Product Manager
Ove Näslund - Architect


News 13.11.29 Stockholm, Sweden
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Cumbari gets mobile phones, online services and cash register systems to talk to each other in brick-and-mortar establishments Cumbari provides integrators, IT service providers and cash register system providers with Cumbari DPS TECHNOLOGY. With this solution, retail establishments and restaurants can convey their online services as proximity services through the consumer’s mobile phone app. The first to use this new technology is Locanda Café in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Cumbari DPS TECHNOLOGY essentially provides a platform to make services to proximity services in apps on all mobile phones. With its open interface, it can be used by all restaurants and retail establishments that want to integrate their suppliers’ online services, such as payment services, advertising, discount coupons, gift cards and loyalty points – with their existing apps. The Cumbari solution at Locanda Café is flexible and can be controlled up to one or more desired payment service providers.

“It is very exciting to be among the early adopters of this new technology. I can see direct gains during the lunch rush when our customers are able to pay easily and get their food more quickly. This payment method is much more efficient than credit or debit card payments. Lines are shorter, and our guests get better service because they avoid waiting in line so long.We are going to take the next step and explore how we can integrate more services in the Cumbari- based app to bring our customers added value.” says Philip Hanna, Managing Director at Locanda Café. Cumbari partnered with PayPal during test operations at Locanda Café.
“We teamed up with Cumbari for the payment flow portion of the Cumbari solution because we deemed that Cumbari has solid expertise in developing innovative technologies,” says Marten Barkman, President of PayPal Scandinavia.

For more information, contact:
Arnulf von Zedtwitz-Liebenstein CEO, Cumbari
E-post arnulf@cumbari.com Mobile:+46 70 582 10 01

Locanda Cafe Touch&Pay app can be downloaded at Google Play and Appstore